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This has been one of the best trips of my life. I had the opportunity to go to Australia from 03/10/2014 to 04/07/2014. I went to visit my good childhood friend Omar which has been living there for many years now. It was an amazing trip and here you can read some of my experiences and places I visited. Australia is a very beautiful place, they take good care of their natural resources and best of all, people are extremely friendly. I had an amazing month visiting Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney.


03/10/2014 - Brisbane, Australia.
After a long 14 hr. flight from Los Angeles to Brisbane, I landed safely and had a really good trip. I slept most of the flight, so I didn't really had any jet-lag when arriving to Australia.

The main reason for my visit to Australia was to visit my childhood friend Omar which ended up moving to Australia a while back. I hadn't seen him in a few years, so it was a good excuse. He lives in Brisbane, so I spent most of the time there. We also traveled to Sydney and Melbourne and other places close to Brisbane.

In general terms, I would say Australia is an expensive place to go visit. Although I was coming from one of the most expensive cities in the United States (San Francisco), I thought that Australia (on average) was a lot more expensive than the U.S.

I stayed at the Brisbane Backpackers on West End. Very close to downtown Brisbane. Probably about a 15-20 minute walk. My experience at Brisbane Backpackers was really good. As I was staying for about a month, it was a cheaper alternative to hotels for which I would have paid a lot more. Their facilities were pretty good. From swimming pool, pool table, restaurant and bar, laundry facilities, computers with internet, vans that take you around town, etc.

It only took a few days for me to get used to walking on the other side of the road, (left side), getting used to a few new words that we don't use in the United States, etc. I felt very safe walking around at all times of day or night and I didn't have any bad incidents during my stay. One of the things I like the most is that Australian people are very friendly. I met a lot of people everywhere. I also liked the fact that you would see the majority of girls wearing skirts. This is not common in the U.S. as most girls just wear jeans.

During my stay in Brisbane, I walked the city many times. On average I was walking about 10 miles / day. Yes. A lot of walking. I even bought some very comfortable tennis shoes in preparation for all the walking I had in mind. I went from March to April, the weather was not as hot as summer, but still was pretty hot for me. Some days I was drinking a bottle of water for every 3-4 blocks of walking. So hot! But as anything else, I got used to it quickly.

I visited many places in and around Brisbane. From the Australia Zoo, Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary, Queen Street, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, Brisbane Cathedral, restaurants, casinos, museums, shows, etc. There's a lot to see. I really enjoyed it all.

My favorite breakfast place was called The Suburban Cafe (also on West End). I would usually come here for breakfast and then go to the place that I would be visiting that day. One of the strangest things for me, was getting used to the orange eggs in Australia. Yes, eggs are not yellow, they have a bright orange color instead. At the beginning it was weird. Then, you get used to it. Anyway. At Suburban, they took very good care of me. Their food was really good and their service too. Oh.. . I almost forgot. In Australia people usually don't leave tips at a restaurant. So when they would give me a good service and I would tip, they really appreciate it.

Another interesting fact: If you're afraid of bats, proably Australia is not the place for you. As soon as the sun starts going down, you can see hundreds of bats flying around the trees. And they are BIG bats. Of course, they're harmless to humans, but they put up a good show every evening once the lights go down. Something I had not seen anywhere else.

In Brisbane, I took the hop-on hop-off bus and it was a great way to go to the major city attractions and places of interest. I strongly suggest you take these buses in any major city you visit throughout the world. They're not very expensive and they take you everywhere. It's significantly cheaper than taking a cab or Uber around and takes you everywhere.

Well... This is just a summary of my trip and my stay at Brisbane. In the next chapters you will find some more of my experiences and photos around other cities. Hope you enjoy them.

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