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Brief Stockholm Stay

10/03/2015 - Stockholm, Sweden.
This was actually my third visit to Sweden, and the second time I had been to Stockholm. However, it was only a short ~24 hour stay on the way to Prague to meet up with a friend.

I flew in mid-day on Saturday and would fly out on the following day. Because I wanted to make the most of the 24 hours I had, it was essential that I be at a conveniently-located hotel.

I stayed at the Central Hotel (, which I recommend.
- The hotel is located a block from the train station, including where the Arlanda Express stops.
- The room (a single) was very small but clean and functional. The bathroom was quite large compared to the room itself.
- Wi-fi was free
- Breakfast was included. Compared to the other hotels we stayed at during this trip, the selection was a little sparse, but still adequate: different breads, fresh vegetables (cucumbers, tomatoes, bell peppers, etc.), fruit salad, cereals, jams. Having breakfast included is always one less thing to worry about in the morning when traveling.

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